Jos Karis, alias Josephtailor, is passionate about what he’s doing.
His inspiration seems to be wherever he goes, whatever his eyes capture. Once he started with the making of bears, he now plays with a variety of old and new media with rhythm, lightplay, the music in forms and repetition, built with pliers, screws, hammers and anvil, resin, plaster, paper mache, ceramics. A sturdy design both contemporary and timeless.

His creations are usually time-consuming in the making, but are never so complicated that they can not be easily understood and used. His necklaces and chainmail are made of – sometimes – thousands of rings that are almost all opened and closed by hand, using nothing more than a pair of pliers. It sometimes appears to be work fit for a monk. Because of the often sturdy look, it is wearable by any gender.

His style? I would call it “arts and crafts of the new millenium”. It would not be right to put him in a particular style, though; he uses elements of art-deco, minimalism, contemporary gothic design, fashion and jewellery (to show off the beauty of the materials in wearable objects) and art by creating magnificently “sparkling” wall sculptures. And that beauty does not lose any of its flair because they are made of metal. On the contrary; by the time Josephtailor is finished with a piece, it is just begging to be touched and played with.

The body casts he produced recently are both daring and confronting for our deeper selves that they almost overpower. Mosaics, chainmail clothes, jewellery and sculptures, body casts, objets trouvés, costumes from a different aera, all in a light play with history’s remains; to rearrange them all for the future and ensure they never disappear again.

He evolved from a handyman into an artist, whose Works can accessorize those special moments of life but also show attention and love to a rooms decoration. All with an energy that rubs off on the buyer; I know that for a fact to be true.

Marcel Hombergen